If you’ve had a spill or release of oil or hazardous materials in Massachusetts which has been reported to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP), you will need to hire a Licensed Site Professional (LSP) to oversee the work.  The process of hiring an LSP is similar to hiring any professional that provides services to you.

Omni Environmental Group suggests asking these 6 questions when hiring an LSP:

  1. What are the MassDEP regulatory requirements which apply to your situation?
  2. What proposed activities will be taken to comply with the MassDEP regulatory requirements?
  3. What is the proposed schedule to complete these activities?
  4. What are the regulatory deadlines which apply to your situation?
  5. Are there any potential MassDEP fees which apply to your situation?
  6. What is the cost of the LSP services and any related services?

Needless to say, get a few references for a similar project and make sure to contact them.

One don’t – don’t hire an LSP strictly on based on a low cost for the proposed actions (just as you wouldn’t necessarily select the lowest priced attorney or doctor).  A more experienced LSP, or an LSP with a better understanding of the project, may cost far less over the course of a project.