Emergency Response Services for #2 Fuel Oil Release

SCOPE OF WORK: Emergency Response Services

Emergency Response Services for #2 Fuel Oil Release

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Omni Environmental Group provided emergency response cleanup services following the release of less than 10 gallons of #2 fuel oil at a municipal engineering department. Arriving at work, a town employee identified the release condition after seeing #2 fuel oil discharging from a boiler room drainpipe to an exterior concrete pad of an aboveground storage tank (AST). Upon entry to the second-floor boiler room, the employee viewed fuel oil being released from a faulty valve associated with the day tank feeding fuel to the boiler systems. The system was shut off to stop the release condition, and the town notified its insurer, who subsequently requested Omni Environmental Group conduct assessment and cleanup activities.

Upon arrival, we confirmed that the failure of a valve assembly on the day tank had allowed fuel transfer activities to release #2 fuel oil to the second-floor boiler room of the municipal engineering department building. Our staff further confirmed that oil had spread across the concrete floor slab of the room, migrating underneath the concrete block wall into a data storage room. In addition, oil had migrated into the floor drain, resulting in the discharge of oil to the concrete pad of the exterior AST and through a hole in the floor to a materials storage room below. Based upon interviews with municipal employees and a review of the area of impact, we determined that the release was less than 10 gallons and did not meet the notification criteria set forth under the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP).

Response actions included the deployment of additional sorbent materials; the application of degreasers, cleaners, and deodorizers; and the recovery of released oils within the second-floor boiler room, second floor data storage room, first floor material storage room, and exterior AST concrete pad. Vacuum extraction recovery was utilized to remove #2 fuel oil and cleaning materials from the concrete surfaces of the release condition. Additional clean sorbent pads were placed over cleaned concrete surfaces for extra protection.

Following cleanup actions, Omni Environmental Group deployed a carbon filtration system and air-purification system for several days to aid in the reduction of nuisance #2 fuel oil odors present in the engineering building. Subsequent indoor air screening data documented the program’s effectiveness with interior release area volatile organic compound (VOC) readings comparable to exterior ambient air background readings.