Omni Environmental Group supports all types of contractors involved in public and private property development, earthwork, and emergency response activities. We deliver custom solutions to our contracting clients by applying our wide-ranging expertise to best solveĀ their specific environmental problems.

General contractors and earthwork contractors rely on our extensive technical and regulatory knowledge for guidance and technical assistance during project bidding, and for reliable solutions that integrate seamlessly into the larger project goals and schedule during construction.

Our experienced staff provides environmental response contractors with swift and resourceful support to spills of oil and/or hazardous materials. We promptly assess the nature and extent of contamination, and help ensure that all regulatory requirements are met within project-specific objectives and timeframes.

Omni Environmental Group routinely provides the following services to our contracting clients:

  • Interpret environmental regulations and work with regulatory agencies and other involved parties
  • Test soil, groundwater, surface water, sediment, air, and other media for contamination
  • Identify and evaluate effective and cost-efficient methods to mitigate potential exposures or clean up contamination
  • Provide remediation guidance and oversight
  • Evaluate risk to human health and the environment posed by contamination
  • Prepare project and regulatory submittals
  • Characterize, transport, and dispose of or recycle regulated waste materials