Financial Institutions

Omni Environmental Group is a highly-valued advisor to lenders associated with the purchase and/or development of commercial, industrial, and multi-unit residential properties. We provide banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, private lenders, and government agencies with the information they need to determine whether a property is contaminated; the extent and risk associated with property contamination; and the environmental costs associated with property development.

Our real-world experience and extensive knowledge of environmental issues allows us to advise lenders about property liability in a clear, easy-to-understand manner. Our high quality, timely environmental due diligence reports help commercial real estate investment and finance firms competitively manage risk and make sound underwriting decisions.

Omni Environmental Group routinely provides the following services to our financial institution clients:

  • Perform pre-purchase environmental due diligence to evaluate the presence, extent, and magnitude of contamination and environmental impairment
  • Conduct Transaction Screens, Phase I Environmental¬†Site Assessments, and Phase II Subsurface Investigations to evaluate the environmental condition of a property or portfolio of properties
  • Provide technical information and assist with property negotiations
  • Develop strategies to meet environmental regulatory requirements
  • Quantify potential costs of environmental assessment, mitigation and/or remediation under various development scenarios
  • Manage environmental issues during development
  • Provide independent third-party review to lenders of existing environmental due diligence documentation