Insurance Industry

Omni Environmental Group provides insurance companies, associations, insurance agents and adjusters, and insurance claim representatives with a wide range of practical environmental consulting services. Our reputation as a trusted advisor, helping clients effectively manage insurance claims and costs, has earned us many long-term relationships in the insurance industry.

We have a proven track record responding to and managing environmental claims involving spills of oil and hazardous materials, including those resulting from transportation accidents, fuel dispensing distribution and storage operations, fire and water losses, and releases of elemental mercury.

Our ability to accurately determine the nature and extent of a release, the parties involved, and the potential size of the claim enables us to keep the insurer and claimants well informed, and develop the most effective and cost-efficient method to successfully bring closure to an environmental case.

Omni Environmental Group’s seasoned professionals have the technical expertise, proficiency and industry experience to communicate with claimants and the insured; coordinate with and manage costs of remedial contractors, disposal facilities, and restoration contractors; and productively work with federal, state and local regulators. All of which provides our clients with the benefits of a single source of project responsibility.

Omni Environmental Group routinely provides the following services to our insurance clients:

  • Oversee and direct emergency response to address a release of oil and/or hazardous materials
  • Assess to define the nature and extent of a release
  • Quantify potential costs of environmental assessment and remediation
  • Coordinate with the insured, claimants, regulators, attorneys and other stakeholders
  • Develop strategies to meet regulatory requirements
  • Hire and manage environmental remediation and restoration contractors
  • Sample environmental media and characterize risk to human health and the environment
  • Evaluate regulatory compliance and prepare regulatory submittals
  • Characterize, manifest, transport, and dispose or recycle waste materials
  • Provide independent third-party review of environmental services, costs and/or proposals provided by others
  • Provide turnkey oversight and management of the environmental claim