Property Developers

Omni Environmental Group provides comprehensive environmental services to developers of commercial, industrial, and multi-unit residential properties. Our clients recognize that our experience and expertise enables us to effectively assess and mitigate the environmental risks of their real estate development projects.

Omni Environmental Group’s responsive professionals assist developers who need to evaluate property contamination, determine suitable remedial strategies, quantify environmental costs associated with redevelopment, and manage contamination during and after development. Our knowledge of development and construction best practices, combined with our thorough understanding of environmental compliance issues, enables us to seamlessly integrate practical and sound environmental solutions into development projects.

Omni Environmental Group routinely provides the following services to property development clients:

  • Perform pre-purchase environmental due diligence to evaluate the presence, extent, and magnitude of environmental issues
  • Quantify potential costs of environmental assessment and remediation under various development scenarios
  • Manage environmental issues during and after development
  • Develop strategies to meet environmental regulatory requirements
  • Evaluate post-development risk to human health and the environment from residual contamination
  • Hire and manage excavation and environmental remediation contractors
  • Coordinate with regulators and other stakeholders
  • Evaluate regulatory compliance and prepare regulatory submittals
  • Characterize, transport, and dispose of or recycle waste materials
  • Obtain Brownfields tax credits, where applicable