Property Owners

Omni Environmental Group provides property owners, including developers, commercial and industrial businesses, institutions, non-profit organizations, municipalities, and state and federal agencies, with a full range of environmental services to address their real estate related environmental liabilities and regulatory compliance issues. Whether they are looking to restore underachieving assets, redevelop unused properties, revitalize communities, or reduce liabilities of existing properties, our clients rely on our proven track record and technical expertise to assist them in making informed business decisions about their investments.

Omni Environmental Group works diligently with property owners to evaluate compliance with applicable environmental regulations and policies. We assess the extent and magnitude of potential contamination and develop and implement practical and sound solutions to effectively manage and reduce environmental risk.

Omni Environmental Group routinely provides the following services to our clients who own property:

  • Perform due diligence for real estate transactions to identify potential environmental liabilities
  • Quantify potential costs of environmental assessment and remediation under various scenarios
  • Provide technical information and assist with property negotiations
  • Identify and delineate wetlands and prepare wetlands filings
  • Test soil, groundwater, surface water, sediment, air, and other media for contamination
  • Evaluate risk to human health and the environment posed by contamination
  • Identify and evaluate methods to mitigate or eliminate risk posed by environmental contamination
  • Manage environmental issues during development
  • Assess the environmental risk posed by historical and/or current facilities and operations of tenants