#2 Fuel Oil Release at Fire Department


Omni Environmental Group provided Licensed Site Professional (LSP) services under an Immediate Response Action (IRA) Plan following a release of #2 fuel oil several days preceding the scheduled removal of a 500-gallon double-walled fiberglass underground storage tank (UST) serving a local town fire department. Town DPW personnel inspected the exposed tank following continued heavy rainfall and noted the presence of #2 fuel oil on top of the tank manway and in soils surrounding the tank. Omni Environmental Group was retained by the town and immediately notified the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

Upon arrival, Omni Environmental Group confirmed that the release condition was relegated to the immediate tank excavation area with no evidence of migration via sheet flow across pavement to nearby catch basins.

Through an inspection of visible portions of the UST system, our staff identified breakage to the fiberglass vent piping and outer fiberglass wall of the double-walled product supply line of the tank. Through interviews with town staff, we determined that an equipment operator had inadvertently caused this damage to the UST system during tank removal preparation activities several days earlier.

This condition allowed the subsequent substantial rainfalls to fill the open excavation and enter the tank, displacing and discharging an estimated 150-gallons of #2 fuel oil into the surrounding pea stone gravel pack of the tank and immediately adjacent native soils. Omni Environmental Group conducted free product recovery, soil excavation, tank removal, confirmatory soil sampling, and groundwater assessment were conducted in support of an IRA Completion and Permanent Solution Statement.

Additional services provided included oversight of LSP and environmental contractor services, third-party review of Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) regulatory submittals and invoicing, and summary communications to the town’s insurer.