Commercial Property

SCOPE OF WORK: Site assessment, site remediation, and LSP services

Omni Environmental Group performed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment for the owner of a retail plaza to support refinancing of a property loan. During the Phase I, we identified several Recognized Environmental Conditions which required further evaluation, including a dry cleaner that formerly used perchloroethylene (PCE).

Through the installation of numerous monitoring wells and the analysis of soil and groundwater samples, Omni Environmental Group determined that PCE was discharged from the dry cleaner into a former septic system and has since migrated more than 700 feet from the source area. We then managed the removal of PCE-contaminated sediment from the septic system and investigated the use and discharge of PCE to support litigation by the property owner against the dry cleaner.

To evaluate the potential health risk, we collected numerous water samples from private water supply wells located in the surrounding area, along with soil gas samples and indoor air samples from a residence, four retail stores, and a police station. Based on the findings, Omni Environmental Group notified the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) of the presence of PCE in the subsurface, initiated an Immediate Response Action under the MassDEP’s Massachusetts Contingency Plan, and prepared a Phase I Initial Site Investigation report.