Highway Fuel Oil and Contaminated Soil Spill

SCOPE OF WORK: Emergency Response Action and LSP Services

Omni Environmental Group provided Licensed Site Professional (LSP) services under an Immediate Response Action (IRA) after a semi-truck rolled over in Oxford, MA, on an Interstate Highway. An estimated 50 gallons of diesel fuel from the truck’s saddle tank, as well as an estimated 20 tons of petroleum-contaminated soils (PCS) being hauled in its trailer, were released as a result of the accident.

Our staff conducted an initial assessment and determined the release to be 75-feet in length by 35-feet in width within the grassed and wooded sections of the highway median. We next coordinated and completed documentation for a highway access permit from the MassDOT highway division. LSP services performed included waste characterization testing and documentation supporting facility approval for recycling of PCS; communications with MassDEP for necessary approvals under the IRA; supervision and direction of PCS excavation throughout the impacted areas; and coordination of PCS transport and off-site recycling. Additionally, we collected post-excavation soil samples to meet appliable risk characterization standards under the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) and supervised backfilling of the impacted median area in accordance with MassDOT requirements.

We were able to prepare and submit a Permanent Solution Report in accordance with the MCP for closure of this incident within less than thirty days from the inception of the remedial work.