Non-Profit Urban Redevelopment

SCOPE OF WORK: Site Assessment, Excavation Oversight, Soil Management, Environmental Permitting, Dewatering, LSP Services

Omni Environmental Group is providing ongoing environmental consulting services to a community-based non-profit in Central Massachusetts. This organization focuses on the redevelopment of vacant and underutilized urban properties for the benefit of local communities by providing opportunities for affordable housing, constructing recreational and green spaces, and designing to encourage economic and educational advancement within the community. Currently, Omni is assisting on a project that will feature six townhouses with 48 affordable units, arranged around a large central courtyard and a small retail space on a 2.1-acre vacant lot.

To date, Omni Environmental Group has aided in numerous tasks, including:

  • Conducting Site Assessment activities and historical property research of over 100 years of records, and reviewing more recent soil, soil gas, and water site assessment data and current sample collection data.
  • Drafting a comprehensive Health and Safety Plan as required for construction sites
  • Preparing and submitting necessary Environmental Permitting for construction activities to state and local agencies.
  • Preparing a Soil Management Plan for excavation activities, including preparation and submittal of supporting documentation for soil disposal.
  • Developing a plan for the strategic on-site reuse of surplus excavated contaminated soils in accordance with the MCP, significantly reducing off-site soil management costs.
  • Providing ongoing excavation oversight and confirmatory sampling.
  • Providing dewatering system oversight and wastewater characterization, including the collection and analysis of monthly wastewater samples, as well as dewatering system supervision and reporting to city and regional wastewater treatment plant facilities, i.e., POTW.
  • Designing and overseeing installation of an infiltration system allowing for on-site discharge of treated groundwater to reduce the overall volume requiring discharge to the POTW, as well as the associated discharge fees.
  • Submitting regulatory reports such as MassDEP MCP RAM.

Our extensive experience, combined with a thorough understanding of the inherent environmental risk and regulatory framework which drives the redevelopment of “contaminated” property, has enabled us to seamlessly integrate practical and sound environmental solutions into this development project.