PCB Assessment

SCOPE OF WORK: Site assessment and LSP services

Omni Environmental Group provided environmental consulting services to evaluate the extent, magnitude, and health risk associated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in soil. We also assisted the non-profit organization in securing state funding for these environmental assessment activities.

As part of the assessment, Omni Environmental Group delineated wetland boundaries and worked with the local Conservation Commission to allow the installation of soil borings in the wetlands. We installed 41 soil borings, and collected and analyzed 87 soil samples. We collected samples from varying depths to evaluate PCB concentrations in different soil strata, including fill material and underlying sand and peat layers. The analytical data indicated an Imminent Hazard was present at the property, as described in the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s (MassDEP’s) Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP). The presence of an Imminent Hazard required the implementation of an Immediate Response Action, which consisted of installing fencing around the soil with the highest PCB concentrations to restrict exposure to that soil.

Omni Environmental Group used the analytical data to evaluate the risk to human health and the environment as part of an MCP Phase II Comprehensive Site Assessment, and we evaluated potential remedial alternatives in a Phase III Remedial Action Plan. With the fence in place, Omni Environmental Group demonstrated that site conditions met the criteria for a Temporary Solution under the MCP.