Urban Redevelopment

SCOPE OF WORK: Site assessment, regulatory compliance, and remedial design

Omni Environmental Group was retained by a real estate developer to provide environmental due diligence, consulting, and Licensed Site Professional (LSP) services for the planned mixed-use redevelopment of multiple underutilized and partially vacant commercial parcels, totaling near 5 acres, in the City of Boston.

We performed site investigations through which various volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, and petroleum constituents were identified in soil and/or groundwater at concentrations exceeding applicable Reportable Concentrations and/or Method 1 cleanup standards under the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP). Additional MCP Phase II and III investigations delineated the extent and magnitude of contamination and allowed the selection of remedial action alternatives.

Other services at various parcels comprising the project site include Limited Site Investigations; Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessment and due diligence activities; periodic groundwater monitoring; and the preparation of various MCP Phase Reports, a Substantial Hazard Evaluation, a Temporary Solution Statement, and Release Abatement Measure documents.

In addition, Omni Environmental Group has served as a primary contact for environmental matters associated with the redevelopment. This has included providing information to stakeholders, the public, and local officials on existing environmental conditions and anticipated response actions to support the redevelopment, as well as participating in meetings and public hearings.

Following finalization and approval of the project design plans, Omni Environmental Group will prepare a Phase IV Remedy Implementation Plan to conduct the remedial actions which will achieve regulatory closure during the redevelopment.

Additional anticipated services include continued regulatory compliance under the MCP, underground storage tank removal and assessment, field oversight of the remedial actions, vapor intrusion assessment/mitigation, post-remedial monitoring, implementation of an Activity and Use Limitation, preparation of a Method 3 Risk Characterization, and the submission of a Permanent Solution Statement with Conditions to MassDEP.