Water Filtration Plant Restoration

SCOPE OF WORK: Project management and engineering services

As a result of pipe rupture within the filter plant building of a municipal water department, granular activated carbon (GAC) and water were released to the interior of the building, reaching a depth of two feet.

Omni Environmental Group initially determined the scope of the project and ascertained the stakeholders necessary to complete repairs and return the filter plant to operation. We then collected samples of the released GAC for laboratory analysis to facilitate disposal, met with a cleanup contractor, managed communications between the municipality and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection to determine the viability of bypassing the treatment works on a temporary basis, met with vendors to solicit quotes for removal and replacement of the GAC, and obtained approval for disposal of the GAC.

Omni Environmental Group provided oversight during the removal and disposal of the released GAC, the cleanup of the filter plant equipment, along with the re-bedding of 40,000 pounds of new GAC. We also coordinated inspection and repairs to the actuators, valves, and compressed air system integral to the operation of the filter plant which were flooded because of the pipe rupture. Following the repairs performed and managed by Omni Environmental Group, the filter plant was fully functional and placed back in service.