Brownfields Redevelopment

Brownfields sites are industrial or commercial properties that because of contamination, either real or perceived, are underutilized, idle, or abandoned. Omni Environmental Group has a successful track record of turning these neglected properties into viable real estate to the benefit of owners, developers, and communities.

Omni Environmental Group’s wide range of project experience makes us especially well-suited to tackle the complete spectrum of issues commonly associated with the environmental assessment, remediation, and regulatory compliance of Brownfields properties. Often, the perception of problems is greater than the actual problems. Using our extensive technical and regulatory expertise, we can identify the perceived problems, conduct testing to determine the actual issues, then provide thoughtful, cost-effective, and creative solutions to eliminate or mitigate the obstacles that can hinder redevelopment projects.

Omni Environmental Group can:

  • Help clients identify and evaluate potential properties prior to purchase
  • Conduct research to identify potential contaminant sources
  • Collect samples of soil, groundwater, air, surface water, and sediment to evaluate the extent and magnitude of contamination at the property
  • Evaluate potential risk to human health and the environment posed by contamination
  • Work with stakeholders to develop remedial strategies that will work in concert with redevelopment plans to reduce risk and liability
  • Implement remedial actions either prior to, or in conjunction with, property redevelopment
  • Prepare technical reports to meet regulatory requirements and close the environmental case