Environmental Site Assessments

Whether you need to evaluate your property for contamination or your building for hazardous building materials, Omni Environmental Group’s experienced professionals are ready to meet your environmental site assessment needs. We offer a wide range of services including soil boring and monitoring well installation; soil, sediment, water, air and building materials sampling; vapor intrusion evaluations; and environmental and human health risk characterizations.

As part of the environmental site assessment of your property, Omni Environmental Group will:

  • Explain the environmental site assessment process so you clearly understand what will be done and why
  • Evaluate your property for contamination and/or hazardous building materials so you understand whether your property is impaired and to what extent
  • Determine whether cleanup or mitigation of contamination is needed so you understand your future liability and potential future expenses

As part of a property development project, Omni Environmental Group will work with you to understand your project goals, budget, and timeline. We’ll then develop a meaningful scope of work and strategies to seamlessly incorporate the environmental site assessment into the development project to provide for a timely and successful outcome.