Fuel Oil Release Investigation and Cleanup

Omni Environmental Group has provided assessment, remedial, and Licensed Site Professional (LSP) services on numerous fuel oil spills at a wide variety of locations.

Our seasoned experts have extensive experience responding to fuel oil spills at residences, commercial and industrial properties, and along transportation corridors. We work closely with emergency response contractors, insurance companies and their representatives, government regulators, attorneys, and property owners to thoughtfully design and professionally execute strategies to assess and remediate fuel oil spills efficiently and effectively.

Omni Environmental Group will:

  • Deliver rapid response to spills to stabilize site conditions and evaluate risk to human health and the environment
  • Provide assessment and remediation of logistically and technically challenging spills around and beneath occupied buildings and along busy roadways and bridges
  • Design and implement plans for the excavation of contaminated soil or other remedial actions beneath building foundations and within basements
  • Develop structural excavation plans and provide oversight during the installation of complex geotechnical supports designed to maintain the integrity of building foundations and other load bearing structures during remedial actions

Omni Environmental Group provides a flexible and responsive team exceptionally well prepared to safely minimize the environmental impact from a fuel oil spill while protecting financial interests and limiting environmental liabilities.