Human Health and Environmental Risk Characterizations

A risk characterization evaluates whether contamination in various environmental media such as soil, water, and/or air pose a potential risk to human health or the environment. Omni Environmental Group performs risk characterizations on projects involving contaminated property, and/or spills of oil or hazardous materials, to determine whether remedial actions and/or mitigation measures are necessary to reduce risk and client liability.

To accurately identify human health and environmental risks, our highly qualified environmental scientists and risk assessors will prepare a site-specific risk characterization in accordance with state and federal guidelines and requirements. Under their expert guidance, field investigations will focus on those locations and chemicals that drive risk, resulting in lower site assessment costs. Our goal is to enable informed risk management decisions, guide practical remedial decision-making, and support a technically sound site closure strategy.

Omni Environmental Group’s risk characterization services include:

  • Identification of contaminants of concern, applicable receptors and exposure scenarios
  • Human health risk characterization
  • Aquatic and terrestrial ecological risk characterization
  • Contaminant fate and transport modeling
  • Exposure and toxicity assessments
  • Risk evaluation for site selection