Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) Compliance

If you are responsible for meeting the requirements of the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP), let Omni Environmental Group be your trusted advisor. Our environmental professionals and Licensed Site Professionals (LSP) have deep technical and regulatory expertise in all facets of the MCP, including:

  • Regulatory notifications
  • Expedited assessment and remedial actions (Limited Removal Actions, Immediate Response Actions and Release Abatement Measures)
  • Initial Site Assessments (Phase I)
  • Comprehensive Site Assessments (Phase II)
  • Remedial Action Plans (Phase III)
  • Remedy Implementation Plans (Phase IV)
  • Remedy Operation and Maintenance (Phase V)
  • Human health and environmental risk characterization
  • Remedial Monitoring Reports
  • Activity and Use Limitations
  • Achieving site closure (Temporary or Permanent Solution Statements)

Focused on your resources and schedule, Omni Environmental Group will guide you through the maze of MCP requirements. Our thoughtful, creative solutions will be tailored to meet the specific needs of your project with the goal of closing your environmental case effectively and efficiently.