Licensed Site Professional (LSP) Services

Omni Environmental Group provides Licensed Site Professional (LSP) services at residential, commercial, and municipal properties across Massachusetts where a spill or release of oil and/or hazardous materials has occurred. Our Massachusetts LSPs have a proven track record demonstrating expertise in hazardous waste site cleanup and regulatory compliance.

As part of our comprehensive LSP services, Omni Environmental Group will:

  • Provide emergency response services to spills of oil and/or hazardous materials
  • Sample soil, sediment, groundwater, surface water, air, and other media to determine whether a property is contaminated
  • Develop flexible and timely strategies to comply with the regulations set forth in the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP)
  • Communicate with, and provide information to, residents, property owners, local businesses, municipal employees, state and federal regulators, and other stakeholders
  • Evaluate human and environmental risk to determine whether remediation or mitigation is necessary
  • Develop innovative remedial alternatives
  • Provide a cost-effective method to "close" the environmental case

Our experienced LSPs will utilize their vast technical and regulatory knowledge to provide timely and cost-effective solutions to best address the release condition, and meet the compliance requirements and business objectives of your project.