SPCC Plans/Facility Response Plans

Omni Environmental Group provides comprehensive Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans and Facility Response Plans that help facilities manage and control the environmental risk that is inherently associated with bulk oil storage. By following our well-prepared plans, oil storage facility owners and operators can anticipate reducing, if not avoiding, oil spills that could result in penalties, fines, or costly remediation activities.

SPCC Plans are typically required for bulk petroleum storage, production terminals and fuel transfer facilities; however, these plans can also be required for less apparent locations including airports, municipalities, educational, manufacturing, food processing, and automotive maintenance facilities.

An SPCC Plan prepared by Omni Environmental Group will generally consist of the following:

  • Facility layout, oil storage, loading and/or off-loading area(s)
  • Discharge potential and drainage controls
  • Countermeasures for discharge discovery, response, and cleanup
  • Facility spill response equipment
  • Methods of disposal for contaminated materials
  • Emergency contacts, information, and procedures to follow in the event of a spill
  • State and federal notification and reporting requirements
  • Facility inspections, tests, records, and training
  • Management approval, self or professional engineer certification and plan amendment/reevaluation requirements

A Facility Response Plan is required for larger oil storage facilities that have the potential to create “substantial harm” to the environment. It is also intended to demonstrate a facility’s preparedness to respond to a “worst-case” oil discharge.

In instances where both a Facility Response Plan and a SPCC Plan are required, Omni Environmental Group can provide an Integrated Contingency Plan to reduce redundancy and streamline usability. Our comprehensive plans will:

  • Evaluate where and how oil spills may occur at your facility
  • Present operating and management procedures to reduce spill potential
  • Detail the personnel and methods needed to respond to and clean up different size and types of spills

Omni Environmental Group’s established working relationships with regulatory agencies and track record of successful plan development for a diverse range of clientele has given us invaluable industry knowledge and real world experience, enabling us to provide practical mitigation and engineering solutions to meet the challenges and requirements of bulk oil storage.