Vapor Intrusion

Releases of volatile oil and/or hazardous materials to the environment can result in plumes of soil gas and/or groundwater contamination. When such plumes exist near or beneath a structure, there is a potential for vapor intrusion (also called VI) to exist and for occupants to be exposed to the contaminants as they migrate and co-mingle with air within the building. Even if a property has not had a release, it may still be affected by contamination from a nearby property.

Our experienced professionals provide sound and reliable vapor intrusion assessment and mitigation services to clients with contaminated residential, commercial, and industrial properties. We have successfully evaluated and mitigated vapor intrusion in a wide range of settings, buildings, property usages, and exposure scenarios.

Omni Environmental Group provides vapor intrusion services ranging from sub-slab assessments to comprehensive risk assessment, mitigation design, and installation programs.

Our vapor intrusion professionals will:

  • Be well-informed with the most current federal, state and local regulations, policies and guidance
  • Possess knowledge in established vapor intrusion assessment procedures and mitigation techniques
  • Devise a strategic assessment program to define the source, extent, and nature of subsurface contamination and collect representative data
  • Evaluate the data and conduct a risk characterization associated with the vapor intrusion pathway
  • Provide practical, site-specific, turnkey mitigation solutions to address the vapor intrusion risk(s) identified